Sr. No Name Affiliation During S.N Bhatt Program Project Advisor Project Title
  1 Abdul Rahman S Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy, Vishakhapatnam Rama Govindarajan Investigations on the drop size distribution of clouds using doppler radar data.
  2 Aishee Chakraborty Harishchandra Research Institute Pallavi Bhat Analysing the instabilities occuring in magnetohydrodynamic convection in accretion discs around compact bodies
  3 Amrit Putcha Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy Dynamical triangulated surfaces for models of cell division
  4 Anjali Kumari Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Suvrat Raju Cosmological Inflation: Unveiling the Early Universe.
  5 Arpan Das Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Sthitadhi Roy Transport and Entanglement in 1D Heisenberg model with disorder
  6 Ishaan Bhadoo Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Anirban Basak & Riddhipratim Basu Percolation on Hyperbolic Graphs
  7 Pallabi Bera Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram Rukmini Dey Introduction to Minimal Surafces
  8 Prakriti Singh Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Ashoke Sen Surviving in a Metastable state
  9 Pranay Agarwal Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur Anirban Basak & Riddhipratim Basu Large Deviations for Random Graphs
  10 Prognadipto Majumder Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Pranav Pandit Topological Quantum Field Theory with some
exposition to 1+1 Dijkgraaf-Witten Theory
  11 Saraswata Sensarma Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Anirban Basak & Riddhipratim Basu Extrema of Branching Random Walks and Gaussian Free Fields
  12 Sehrish Akhtar --- Pallavi Bhat Large - scale dynamos & magnetic helicity
  13 Shivanshi Tiwari Institute of Applied Sciences, Amity University, Noida Prayush Kumar Time - Domain Relative Binning
  14 Sri Krithika Venkatesh University of Waterloo, Canada Suvrat Raju Inflation
  15 Srivatsa B Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Siva Athreya The Expected Range of a Perturbed Random Walk
  16 Ujjwal Basumatary Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru Suvrat Raju Cosmological Perturbation Theory
  17 Yenisi Das St. Xavier's College Kolkata Siva Athreya Some observations on self-avoiding walks