Sr no Name Affiliation During S.N Bhatt Program Project Advisors Project Title
1 Arka Das Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Rukmini Dey Minimal & Maximal Surfaces
2 Aruna Indian Institute of Technology  Mandi P.Ajith & Prayush Kumar Selection Effects of ground-based Gravitational Wave Detector
3 Ashmita Panda NISER Bhubaneswar Suvrat Raju Paradox of Low-Energy Excitations about AdS Black Holes
4 Chandranathan Anandavijayan NISER Bhubaneswar Pallavi Bhat Characterizing magnetic structures in MHD decaying turbulence
5 Debmalya Sarkar Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Rajesh Gopakumar Finite Twist Correlators of Symmetric Product CFT
6 Harshini Sangle School of art and Science, Azim Premji University Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy How plants grow in response to tropisms
7 Kaustubh Gupta IISER Pune P. Ajith & Prayush Kumar Measuring Earth’s Motion Using a Population of Gravitational-Wave Sources
8 Maria Rose St. Xaviers College for Women Aluva, Ernakulam Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy Mathematical Models of the Cell Cycle
9 Ratul Thakur Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Sthitadhi Roy Multifractal States and Hilbert Space Correlations across the Measurement Induced Entanglement Transition
10 Ravi Kumar Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi. Subhro Bhattacharjee Quantum phase transition in Spin 1/2 Sawtooth chains
11 Sanchayan Bhowal Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Riddhipratim Basu & Anirban Basak Cutoff phenomenon in Markov chains
12 Sneha Pradhan University of Calcutta Pallavi Bhat Spin-Down Evolution of Magnetars to Estimate Their Ages and Magnetic Fields
13 Tejas Oke Chennai Mathematical Institute Riddhipratim Basu & Anirban Basak A study of planar critical percolation as a conformally invariant process and convergence of exploration paths to SLE6
14 Vaishnavi Kodukula St Francis College for Women, Osmania University Ashoke Sen Energies of Non-Relativistic and Relativistic Strings
15 Adepu Kumar Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Suvrat Raju Low energy excitations about an AdS black hole: Associated paradox and its Resolution
16 Adarsh Raghu   IISER Kolkata Abhishek Dhar  Hydrodynamic limit of run and tumble particle models.