One of the main functions of the Centre is to provide a platform to organize various activities in theoretical and mathematical sciences, at the forefront of knowledge. Programs in areas overlapping traditional fields of science will be encouraged, keeping in mind that strength in individual disciplines lends to fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations. Besides the traditional areas of activity in mathematical and theoretical sciences, and their interconnections, activities in biological physics, complex systems and computational sciences will be encouraged. An important character of the Centre would be its flexible response to organizing activities in emerging new areas of science.

Here is a set of guidelines for writing program proposals.

The Centre will also support activities that contribute to raising the level of scientific knowledge among Indian university students and faculty. Some of the high level activities will be preceded by pre-schools or instructional workshops, to enable young participants to make the best use of the programs. The aim of these type of activities is to contribute to human resource development in the basic sciences.

Prospective program organizers can submit proposals by filling up this form. The application will be immediately acknowledged and every effort will be made to respond fast to the proposal.

ICTS is currently not accepting proposals beyond Mar 2020. Starting from Jul 2018, we will be revamping the process with a fresh call for proposals during the period Apr 2020 to Sep 2020.


An acknowledgment email will be sent to this email id
Details of Organizers (At least 2) *


The proposal should be uploaded as a single pdf file containing the following details.


  • Program name
  • Names of organizers along with their affiliations and email addresses
  • Name of one organizer who should be the key contact person
  • Proposed duration (2 weeks or more) and preferred dates (give upto three choices; separated throughout the period - this will give us flexibility for assigning an available slot for you). Please note that Saturdays and Sundays are not official working days for the program as these are off days at the Centre. However, activities like tutorials, group discussions, etc. that do not require program support staff may be organised.
  • Brief description of the proposed program. This should explain the scientific aims of the program. It should emphasize its strengths and its timeliness (this should not exceed 2 pages)
  • Detailed description of program: This should describe the detailed plan of the proposed program with information on
    • Topics to be covered
    • Details of planned pedagogic activities
    • List of invited participants from the international community and from India. It is desirable that at least some key participants (especially those giving a set of lectures) should have been contacted and have shown an expression of interest. It is strongly encouraged that organizers make an effort towards ensuring gender balance in their list of participants. 
    • Expected total number of outstation participants, specifying separately the number of students and postdocs
    • Rough estimate of number of participants from Bangalore
    • A tentative schedule of the planned activities of the program
    • A list of recent or upcoming programs at ICTS or elsewhere that the proposed program has overlap with. Mention if this program is part of a regular series.

  • Approved programs will receive appropriate financial and administrative support from ICTS. ICTS encourages organisers to bring in additional financial support, especially for international travel of foreign speakers and participants, for a more optimal utilisation of ICTS resources. Organizers should provide details of any such additional sources of financial support for the program that they expect to bring in. Mention the budget headings for which these funds can be used (e.g travel, local expenses, etc.)

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

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