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One of the main functions of the Centre is to provide a platform to organize various activities in theoretical and mathematical sciences, at the forefront of knowledge. Programs in areas overlapping traditional fields of science will be encouraged, keeping in mind that strength in individual disciplines lends to fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations. Besides the traditional areas of activity in mathematical and theoretical sciences, and their interconnections, activities in biological physics, complex systems and computational sciences will be encouraged. An important character of the center would be its flexible response to organizing activities in emerging new areas of science.

Here is a set of guidelines for writing program proposals.

The Centre will also support activities that contribute to raising the level of scientific knowledge among Indian university students and faculty. Some of the high level activities will be preceded by instructional workshops, to enable young participants to make the best use of the programs. The aim of these type of activities is to contribute to human resource development in the basic sciences.

Prospective program organizers can submit proposals by filling up this form anytime of the year. The application will be immediately acknowledged and every effort will be made to respond fast to the proposal.

First Name Last Name Affiliation Email


Please give a brief description of the proposed Program. You may upload this in a file (.doc, .rtf, .txt, .ps, .odt, .pdf) by clicking on "Browse..." above. You must include in it (i) academic description of the program and justification of the duration (ii) names of possible lecturers, (iii) targeted participants and their number,  and (iv) any other relevant information.

You can also print the above form and send it, duly filled, by ordinary mail. In this case, please use separate sheets for a brief description of your proposal.