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Sudip Bhattacharyya, Subha Majumdar and Bhaswati Mookerjea
Monday 10 Dec, 2012 - Friday 21 Dec, 2012
TIFR, Mumbai

This is a comprehensive program covering frontline research in multiple disciplines of astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. The program will be organized in two parts:

(i) Winter School on Astronomical and Cosmological Surveys, Dec. 10-17, 2012
(ii) Young Astrophysicists’ Symposium, Dec. 19-21, 20012

The school will expose young Indian researchers to the underlying physics and data analyis issues in large scale observational surveys and subsequent use in addressing outstanding problems in astronomy and astrophysics. The underlying aim is to prepare the students with the capability to exploit the huge astronomical database that the different surveys and astronomy missions (for example VLT, Gemini, Subaru, XMM-Newton, Chandra, Spitzer, Herschel, ALMA, Astro-H, JWST, Suzaku, eROSITA, DES, LSST, Euclid, LOFT, ATHENA, Kepler etc.) will create. The topics to be coverd in the school lectures will include 

  • Surveys of the Local Universe (stars,  interstellar medium, exoplanets)
  • High Energy Surveys (neutron stars, black holes, supernovae)
  • Cosmological Surveys (Large Scale Structure, Clusters, Galaxies, BAO)

The symposium will be a confluence of primarily young and senior researchers across various disciplines of astrophysics to foster extensive interactions and will, also, hopefully provide some of the aspiring students the necessary impetus to work in the discipline of astrophysics. The symposium will also give the young researches, especially those who are abroad, a feel of the institutional opportunities existing in India congenial for their further research career in India.

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