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Organizing a Program
Anyone holding a faculty position at any research and educational institution can apply for organizing a program at the ICTS. However, until the ICTS campus comes up, its programs must be organized at other places in India. For this reason, at present, it is preferable to have at least one of the organizers from an existing institution in India. A typical proposal for organizing a program is expected to have two or more organizers.

The organizers must fill up this form for making a preliminary proposal. The proposals will be scrutinized by a Program Committee of the ICTS. Successful programs will receive appropriate financial and administrative support from ICTS, including support for uploading audio-visual material collected from lecturers, etc. It should be emphasized that ICTS is not a funding agency for conferences and workshops. It is an organization for facilitating interactive activities of researchers with a strong educational component. The organizers must keep this in mind while submitting proposals for programs.

For all programs supported and organized by ICTS, it is essential that the organizers submit all the audiovisual material collected during the course of the program to the Service Informatique of ICTS. This service will ensure that the material is appropriately disseminated. The organizers are also required to submit a summary report within a month of the end of the program. There is no specific format for this report, but it would be useful if it contains inputs from the program participants and lecturers, in addition to those of the organizers.

Download a set of guidelines for writing program proposals.

Service Informatique
Students, teachers and researchers who are affiliated to an educational institution and have access only to low bandwidth internet service may request Service Informatique  of ICTS for DVD's or CD's of the instructional material on this website. The Service Informatique will provide these free of cost to bonafide users. Please note that the material will be mailed only to the institutional address of the person from whom the request is received.